Teacher-Tech, Inc.


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Teacher-Tech, Inc. is a recruiter that helps people find English teaching jobs in South Korea. Their previous site was created with… FLASH FILES… in 2001. Their site would barely load and didn’t work at all on mobile devices. They needed an overhaul!

Luckily, embedded in the Flash files was a lot of good content (it just had been animated within Flash so you couldn’t get to it). I worked with the owner to create a new site in WordPress, chock full of CTAs, and we included an online application form to make the vetting process that much easier.

I am currently maintaining the site and doing the SEO, which with monthly blog posts, we are inching up in the Google Rankings. Our target is to be on Google’s page 1 by the end of the year.

  • Client Teacher-Tech, Inc.
  • Date June 25, 2017
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